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"Before I order anything from any establishment I use their bathroom first. I have a walnut sized bladder. Then I order a water with lemon to start….which makes me have to pee more, I’m a wicked good time."

new twitter and instagram accounts!

as you may have noticed, eliza is back on both twitter and instagram! yaaaaas!

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Eliza Coupe does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Eliza Coupe, Demetri Martin, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Charlyne Yi Join ‘The Last Time You Had Fun’ →


Here’s another case of an indie comedy getting another delightful ensemble of a cast that has the potential to be a dark horse of a movie if it ever see a theatrical release.

This sort of makes us curious if indie comedy are greenlit, not so much on the main cast, but on how many cameos of really funny people they can get attached on their project nowadays. 

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Eliza Coupe Photographed By Ari Michelson For Esquire April 2013

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